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Cash For Junk Cars Clifton New Jersey

Everyone knows New Jersey as a state with some of the highest taxes in the US and New Jerseyans are mostly no-nonsense people who want cash for every deal and that’s where we come in because we have something great to tell you.

Are you a New Jersey resident and you have a junk car lying in your garage, driveway or backyard without use, then we are your best plug for an instant purchase of your junk auto.

We buy all kinds of junk cars which includes old trucks, junk SUVs and salon cars. Don’t stare at your car while it rusts when you can sell it and swell your bank account.

If you are wondering what qualifies your car as a junk, then we have listed the following things to look out for

Damaged Cars

If your car is seriously disfigured or deteriorated due to an accident or rot on some of its parts, then it can be classified as junk


When it wasn’t bought brand new so its functionality is depreciating due to age (20 years and above), it can be defined as a junk.

Low Value

When it’s a total scrap and nobody wants to buy it, it’s definitely a junk.


When the car is occupying someone’s property or its parked down the street for a lengthy period, it can be called a junk.

Customer Reviews

After calling several junk car dealers in Arlington for a quick deal, all I got was a delay in response till i did a quick Google search and found Cash for junk car company. They were quite friendly on phone as they gave me a free quote, hurriedly came over and paid me without hesitation while I handed them the car keys

Schneider Turnham, Arlington, New Jersey

Straightforward and professional, no BS, deal was done with free appraisal for my junk. I will recommend Cash for junk car any day.

Frasier Wesley, White Meadow Lake

About Us

We are New Jersey’s foremost junk car experts with several years of experience. We exchange instant cash for your damaged or deteriorating autos no matter the model or make. Our customer service is superb and top-notch as we offer FREE appraisals for you to know your car’s worth before sale. We offer the best prices for salvage car in the whole of New Jersey.

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